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Selling with Vesta

Selling Strategy + High Tech Tools = Vesta Real Estate

We are a team of experienced selling strategists that know how to craft the perfect plan to get the biggest benefit for our Sellers. Once we have a plan, we use high tech visual marketing techniques to our Seller’s greatest advantage.


When it comes to the the three selling basics – Pricing, Product, Promotion – Vesta’s got you more than covered. First, we spend time knowing all about each market. We review different pricing strategies and we listen to understand your goals. So when it comes to pricing your property, you can be assured it’s priced in a way that get you the results you need.

Then, know that we have loads of experience working with our clients to make sure your property shows off at its best. So if you find yourself wondering: should I paint…should I deep clean the carpets,…what about power washing the patio…make sure you talk with us. We’ll help you understand the return your choices can bring, and help you chose the best ways to spend your time and energy as you prepare for your sale. And after we’ve priced and prepared your home for sale, we then enlist the most effective, high tech visual marketing techniques available to get your the promotion it deserves.

Innovation Dr-15 (Large)

The first time someone sees your property online you better be sure they are hooked with professional photography. At Vesta Real Estate Advisors we take listing your property seriously. You won’t see us using our smartphones or have “a nephew” taking pictures of your biggest investment. We use professional photography on all our listings.

Listing Photos Like This:


Virtual 3D tours are the future of real estate. Here at Vesta we have embraced the technology completely because it shows off your listing in a way thought nearly impossible just a few years ago. It allows your listing to literally have an open house, online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Have us put this amazing technology to work for your listing.

Explore in 3D Now:



Aerial video and imagery is an excellent way to show off your listing. Just like 3D tours, Vesta Advisors has fully utilized drone aerial technology on listings that call out for a bird’s eye view on the land. The aerial videos and HDR aerial photos we use will make your listing stand out from the crowd. So what are you waiting for? Have Vesta “go to the sky and back” for you!

See an Aerial Video Here:


Put Vesta Advisors to Work for You.