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Buying with Vesta

The Vesta Way

We’re going to get you that updated kitchen and sprawling master suite.


But before you fall in love, we’ll go through the entire property with you – the good and the bad – preparing to negotiate a strong position on your behalf.


Because we know nothing puts a damper on an updated kitchen like a roof that is leaking into the living room.

Our expertise makes the difference

The Vesta Way starts long before your first showing.  Before we work with you, we immerse ourselves in best practices and do our work to stay informed on trends in our industry.  When we do meet with you – we listen first.  We will spend time understanding just what it is you are looking for – your must haves, your nice to haves and your deal breakers.  When we start the showings, we’ll know just what we’re looking for, and we won’t waste your time with properties that don’t meet the mark.  And better yet, we will explain it all as we go, so you know what to expect at each step of your journey.